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John Gardner


Phone: (910) 874-0782

"With 23 years of experience

in managing Blueberry operations, I oversea Sleepy Creek Farms as the grower which includes planting, spraying, harvesting and land management. Managing day

to day field operations as well as the Packhouse facility.

Field control and coordination.  Land Management and expansion of SCF fields, ponds and facilities."

Ray Hudson

Operations Manager

Phone: (910) 874-1377

"Managing the Blueberry operations year around as well as managing part of the wild life association. We do our very best to protect wildlife as well as keeping them away from our fruit to provide you with a high quality produce. Oversea the pine straw, timber & forestry. Land development and clearing acres for new fields and ponds for irritation."

Yusef Ewais

Business Development

Phone: (919) 581-7569

"Providing leadership is crucial to major business development. Managing large projects directly impacting organizational strategic goals, including planning for major investments, such as new buildings, facilities, businesses and operational initiatives. Setting targets for new business development as well as providing direction to management team on development activities."

Kevin Ascanio

HR/Contract Specialist

Phone: (919) 901-7794

"Administering the Temporary Agricultural Workers program (H2A) and to ensure compliance with US Dept of Labor rules, regulations and procedures. Manage and oversee the Housing and Transportation requirements of the program as well as ensuring compliance with State and Federal product and employee safety rules. Manage Recruitment strategy’s of the program. Handle all legal compliance issues involved in obtaining work visas. Handle all employee issues regarding work, wages, workers compensation insurance, housing, transportation, etc. Conduct various administrative and record keeping activities."

Steven Hall

Berry Sales Director

Phone: (910) 612-9318

"As Director of Fresh Berry Sales at Sleepy creek farms I oversee the Sales of the fruit that is being harvested and packed for placement into the fresh market. The daily harvest with the farm manager to get accurate volume of fruit harvested and packed out on a daily basis so as to meet our obligations on sales. Building a customer base to insure that we have a demand for our fruit that will accurately meet our production. The fruit that is culled out or deemed unworthy of fresh pack to be processed into the frozen market."

Betsy Mote

Admin Assistant

Phone: (910) 874-1011

"As office manager I manage Payroll, office duties, Quality control in the packing house, Shipping and Traceability and Food Safety. My goal is to make sure we are in compliance with all food safety and safety regulations. Keep all records up to date and Implement plan of actions when necessary."

Machine Operators

Our Machine Operators consist of: James Highsmith, Jimmy Jerningan, Dale Jerningan, Patrick Singeltary, Shaun Smith, James Peterson, Donald Collins, Kenny Huggings, Tink Merrit.

Our machine operators work behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming seasons as well as general land management. All of our (Machine Operators) have been part of the Sleepy Creek Family for years.

Michelle Villagomez & Crew

Michelle Villagomez is our Field Supervisor; She manages and overseas the off season/on-season prep and field work, along side our full time crew to provide clean fields and a high quality product.

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